Free Sample of Baileys Almande

Free Sample of Baileys Almande

Get a Free Sample of Baileys Almande

You can now get a free sample bottle of Baileys Almande from Send Me a Sample. All You need to do is ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to “Send Me a Sample”. Yes. As strange as it may seem that is all you have to do to get your free Baileys sample (check detailed instructions below).

We were a bit sceptical at first, so decided to try it first before posting this offer on freemporium – and we just got our free Baileys Almande bottle yesterday, together with a £3 OFF coupon.

free baileys almande sample


Now, saying ‘Send Me a Sample’ to google Assistant or amazon Alexa will not really do anything. The proper way to ask the question is:

Ask Send Me a Sample for a Baileys

After that question you will be asked to register for a Send Me a Sample account (it’s free). Then simply just follow the instructions given by either your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You will get your Sample of Baileys Almande completely free of charge, shipping costs are included in the offer.

The campaign will start at on 05/09/18 and end 23:59 on 05/11/18, or when all 4,800 samples have been claimed if earlier. Offer is open to UK residents only.

If you would like to learn more about the promotion check the link below:

Learn more about the offer