Hey Everyone!

We are super happy you visited our new website and since you landed here we have all the reasons to believe you would like to find out a bit more about us. Yay! 😀

 Q1: What is Freemporium?

We are still relatively small but eager team of dedicated people crazy enough to believe we can create the world’s biggest Freebies Emporium online.. It’s good to have some goal, right?  We’re working on the website day and night so you could have the best experience while browsing and enjoy new free items everyday. We are also testing various offers and samples and will share our feedback via our social channels.

Q2: What kind of Freebies can I find here?

The answer is short: All kind of freebies. Literary, if it is FREE we want you to have it.  You will find not only free samples but also free legal downloadable material (music, movies, software, games etc.), free tickets, free trials, competitions & memberships, coupons, learning courses, days out and many many more… oh, and our website is also free 🙂

 Q3: What to do if I want to find a specific item on your site?

Simply click the magnifying glass located in the top right corner and start typing the name of the item you are looking for. You will start seeing results while typing.

 Q4: What if I want to search a specific category eg. Beauty?

You will find a full list of freebie categories on the right (or at the bottom of the page if you are viewing on mobile device). Just click the category that interests you and you’ll see all the freebies within that particular group. You can also click the colour tags displayed under each item and that will take you to a specific category straight away.

Q5: Can I share your content via social media?

By all means, please do! Whatever you find interesting or worth sharing go ahead and do so. The more people visit our site the quicker we will develop it and will be able to offer even more freebies.

 Q6: Are you planning to offer competitions?

Yes. Competitions, exclusive samples, rewards and more.. you will be able to find out all about it via our social media so make sure you follow us.

Q7: How often do you update your website with new freebies?

Everyday. Yes – you will find new freebies everyday and some offers will be available for one day only, so visit our website daily if you don’t want to miss anything. 

Q8: How long does it take for a sample to arrive?

It all depends on where you live and where the sample is coming from. If you’re based in UK and order sample from US it might take a lot longer than if you ordered one from UK based brand or supplier. It usually shouldn’t take longer than 28 days though from our experience a lot of the samples will arrive to you within 2 weeks or even quicker.

Q9: Is there a limit of how many samples I can order?

No. You can order 10, 100 or even 200 – it’s entirely up to you. The more samples you claim the more chances you have for getting free products coming with your post every day! We tested it. In fact we test every single offer from our website. We now have a room just for samples 🙂

Q10: Are the Free Trials really Free?

Yes. We make sure to include only well known and trusted brands as in most of the cases you will be required to enter your card details in order to start your Free Trial. And we have tested those as well. Just remember: free trial is only free for a short time specified in the company’s T&Cs so make sure you cancel your subscription if you do not want to be charged.

And One More Thing:

If you would like to let us know what you think of our website, share your views, tell us how we could improve to serve you better contact our team: info@freemporium.com


Have more questions? Ask in the comment section below.