Free GHOST The Fragrance Purity Sample

Free GHOST The Fragrance Purity Sample

Get Free Ghost The Fragrance Purity Sample

When it comes to perfume samples there’s never to many. At least that’s what we think, and Ghost The Fragrance Purity sample might be yet another one in your beauty drawer ready to be used whenever you wish to wear dewy rose petals, violet and Casablanca lily.

Still not convinced? As always when words fail to describe the scent, we recommend watching the video below to get the feeling.

How to get your FREE sample?

You will be surprised but it won’t as easy as you may think. In order to get your free Ghost Fragrance you will have to win the game. The good news is, the game is actually fun and easy to play. Follow the link below and tap play.

You will need to move/jump through the English Countryside landscape on the game, collecting various items representing the different notes of the fragrance as they go and avoiding the obstacles. You have 3 lives to use and when all lives have been used, the game is over. But don’t worry, simply try again.

It took us 4 attempts to actually succeed. You need to collect 200 points in order to win.

Hint: You can bounce of the clouds.

The offer is for UK residents only and it ends on 30th June 2019.

UPDATE: Sampling offer has already ended. Join us on social media not to miss future promotions from Ghost.

Play the Game