FREE Degree Women & Man Deodorant Samples

FREE Degree Women & Man Deodorant Samples

Get a FREE Degree UltraClear Dry Deodorant Sample

Degree is giving away free samples of their UltraClear Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It is part of their ongoing marketing campaign promoting their new line of products featuring the Degree MotionSense technology. You have probably seen all kind of motion sensors but this is the first time you get to experience one in an antiperspirant. The company claims that every move you make (sounds almost like Sting’s song) causes microcapsules on your skin to burst, releasing a fragrance.

degree antiperspirant sample

The great thing is, you will actually get a 1oz deodorant sample which should last you for more than just one use. Yay!

To get your free sample all you have to do is follow the link below, choose the sample you wish to get and fill out the form. We have checked and for the time being the promotional campaign is running only in the USA.

Get your free sample

Fun Fact: Didi you know that Degree is in fact known under different names in other countries? It is marketed as Sure in UK, Ireland and India, Degree in US and Canada, Rexena in Japan and South Korea, Shield in South Africa and Rexona in most countries.